Our Mission Statement

Prism Powder Coating was established in 1992 with one goal in mind:

To produce top quality powder coated finishes for the retail customer as well as the small to medium sized manufacturer, by providing them the opportunity to powder coat products which may be to costly to run at larger paint
& Powder Coating Companies.

As a Powder Coating Company, we powder coat a large spectrum of products at Prism Powder Coating. Our original roots began over 10 years ago, providing national award winning powder coated finishes on custom Harley Davidson Motorcycles, as well as some of the finest street and show cars in the country. Many of our powder coated customs have been featured on national magazine covers.

As we entered into the new millennium, Prism Powder Coating has continued to grow rapidly. Over the last 5 to 7 years we have switched our focus to the commercial market, because of customer demand for quality Powder Coating Services. We now do approximately 90% Commercial Powder Coating, and the remaining 10% in the Custom Powder Coating market.

We continue to learn better ways to be superior in our field. We have developed our Powder Coatings for the harsh marine environment of the northeast. We have many marine manufacturers from all over the east coast that requested class "A" finishes that would hold up to the harsh ocean environment. Prism Powder Coating provided the solution to their needs for Industrial Powder Coating Services. We have government contracts with the US Coast Guard, National Marine Fisheries, and numerous privately owned marine research equipment manufacturers.

We helped to develop a Powder Coating solution for a company based in Boston, MA that produces interior and exterior ornamental hardware. This Powder Coating Company needed a coating that would provide rust and corrosion protection as well as impact resistance while allowing their products to retain a natural look. Prism Powder Coating provided the solution


Over a period of years we have perfected the Powder Coating process for many products including architectural items such as railings, banisters, fencing, ornamental iron, and various other products both new and used. The materials that we have powder coated include steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and wrought iron. Our customers demand a finish that is superior to all other finishes in both durability and appearance. We offer a variety of colors and textures to meet all of our customers needs and our finishes will stand up to continuous traffic and abuse. This has become the mainstay of our business and we are well known for supplying the quality finishes that meet our customers demanding needs.

We have the capability to refinish previously Powder Coated items that are old, worn, or have a poor quality finish. Many items that were previously painted, either new or old are good candidates for powder coating as long as the existing finish has been completely removed by sandblasting to bare metal.

We are well diversified, and continue to coat new and exciting projects. Give us a call, we would be glad to help you with your product or hobby with our Powder Coating Services and Industrial Powder Coating Services.

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