General Information

REMEMBER: Glossy is not always better!
We highly recommend that you choose a finish that will flatter your part's condition. (i.e., Pitted parts and poor castings should be coated with a wrinkle/gator or vein finish. Prism can help recommend a coating for you.

Highlights on raised surfaces: (i.e., valve covers & cylinders) additional . Two (2) tone colors, additional cost.

Minimum shop charge billed at a rate of $60.00 per hour.

All jobs will be billed a hazardous waste removal fee:
$60.00 - $99.00 = $22.50
$100.00 & over = $45.00

o Group pieces together if you are planning a single color choice. This
will avoid additional set up charges.

Parts must be totally disassembled. Prism does not remove parts. (i.e., Seals, bushings, gaskets, bearings and races) Any removal of parts/seals $60.00 charge.

If additional blasting is required or parts do not fit into our system profile, they will be sent for commercial stripping which is billed at a rate of $75.00 to $150.00 per hour.

Parts should be clean and free of all oils.

Parts can not contain any bondo or body filler. Bondo will ruin the coating. Some minor imperfections may be filled by our process. Call for details.

Clear coats can be applied to almost all powders for a look of depth and gloss. A 50% additional charge applies for this service. NOTE: Some colors require a clear coat, (i.e., metallics, silver, gold, veins, etc.). If you decide to have us clear coat your parts after your initial run of part's, A 40% additional charge applies.

Powder can be applied over all your old chrome parts if mediablasted. Prism does not guarantee coatings over chrome.

Prices quoted are for "in Stock" colors. Custom colors are available at additional cost. Additional costs may vary due to color and quantity of powder ordered.

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